Pink Squares

I like to try pieced on paper, and my fabric is cliced already, so here we r SQUARES

Each sqare comes in different sizes of stripes and order
So here we are
What I hate in this is removing the paper,  it takes time and nerve


I did not hate the whole prosses i think kind of paper was the reason , I used a roll of waxed paper , It is especilly ( top for the microwave ovens ) and not for quilting. It was kind of thick and noisy. LOL 



I am not sure if I sent any thing regarding my pink top
But i will show  pictures of the first layout
And later after joining them into lines


Now i started doing the borders, fixing 1 to 2 inches wide and a bout 11 inches long and shorter to the paper making them squares
like this here


Weekend project

My daughter found this through the net, she love it at once. And I believe one must love the thing, so the result is nice.
first she drow over a paper the( half of it) 
From the green she made two layers.
From the brown for the trunk.

Here after ironing . YES, I think it is a tree
But it's realy a tree when stuff it .........TA daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

NO this is first trial but not the end
Tomorow  after I finish my study i will decorate it
See u