I finished this long  table runner

I used  fabric foundation which is the vasline that  I iron on clothes for sewing cuffs and yokes.
I began attatching 2 " stripes of  emproidered ,100 % polyester  from the middle , sew and flap and iron to the  both sides.
I made the back from printed viscose I  bought about 15 years ago to make a skirt .
I think its time to use. LOL
I flap the back to the front to make the binding.
So easy. So nice to make


Small carpet

This is a small quilt i did to a friend of mine
So i used 4 colours 2 pinks and black on white and and grays on black
Rotary cutter here is only to take a picture , but it is dull and useles.
Here I add the units , a border, attatching three layers together .
I made back layer bigger so I left it to the front to make the binding .

I did not forget to lable the quilt.