I finished this long  table runner

I used  fabric foundation which is the vasline that  I iron on clothes for sewing cuffs and yokes.
I began attatching 2 " stripes of  emproidered ,100 % polyester  from the middle , sew and flap and iron to the  both sides.
I made the back from printed viscose I  bought about 15 years ago to make a skirt .
I think its time to use. LOL
I flap the back to the front to make the binding.
So easy. So nice to make


Small carpet

This is a small quilt i did to a friend of mine
So i used 4 colours 2 pinks and black on white and and grays on black
Rotary cutter here is only to take a picture , but it is dull and useles.
Here I add the units , a border, attatching three layers together .
I made back layer bigger so I left it to the front to make the binding .

I did not forget to lable the quilt.


Dough stuffed with cheese

Now,  after a week or so I 'll show the dough stuffed with chesse  that i talked about  in the last post.
I add 1 spoon of baking powder to every 3/4 of flour insted of using self raising flour.
The ingredients  of the dough is :
4 cups of flour
1 cup oil
3 big spoons of yoghurt
And the best is to put them in the oven not frying them


Self rasing flour

I add the Yoghurt, oil to the all purpose flour and find it :
 MUST  be self raising flour
So I dashed to the net and ask what is the solution and found this


Pink Squares

I like to try pieced on paper, and my fabric is cliced already, so here we r SQUARES

Each sqare comes in different sizes of stripes and order
So here we are
What I hate in this is removing the paper,  it takes time and nerve


I did not hate the whole prosses i think kind of paper was the reason , I used a roll of waxed paper , It is especilly ( top for the microwave ovens ) and not for quilting. It was kind of thick and noisy. LOL 



I am not sure if I sent any thing regarding my pink top
But i will show  pictures of the first layout
And later after joining them into lines


Now i started doing the borders, fixing 1 to 2 inches wide and a bout 11 inches long and shorter to the paper making them squares
like this here


Weekend project

My daughter found this through the net, she love it at once. And I believe one must love the thing, so the result is nice.
first she drow over a paper the( half of it) 
From the green she made two layers.
From the brown for the trunk.

Here after ironing . YES, I think it is a tree
But it's realy a tree when stuff it .........TA daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

NO this is first trial but not the end
Tomorow  after I finish my study i will decorate it
See u


Log Cabin Flowers

I made this as a gift to a dear friend, she like's it a lot
Well it's five log cabin flowers
I loved to reduse the white at the borders , so I add some rounds from the same colors in the flower

Free motion quilted after I add the circles with zig zag to fix


A must to do

I love all kinds and technique of log cabin and here is an easy way
I have the same pattern in the book i have which name is QUICK QUILTS from the HEART
Liz Porter and Marianne Fons


Strigs quilt

Well today I will show SOME of my strings which I latly finished to gather them into a new single top
I sew them over the paper first , square them and joining them using my DH naturaI colour shirts
to make half squares


Maintenance Day

Yesterday I was busy doing cleaning and oiling for my machine, and it needs from time to time as u can see. And I would say It was somthing must to do


More pictures

Even small projects were great job

Dubai Quilters Guild

I went to the yearly show 2012 and it was wonderful, I even ask for pictures and it was oky.


So here  are some pictures and it was very difficult to chose one.... yes only one for VOTE



I loved this vest which I made some years ago, It was a non planer project, I mean the pattern in general, and see how many I used! but I am happy with the result.

Well the fabrics were 100% Polyester.

Here is the front 



FIRST you stuff the dough with date

SECOND straight it up

THIRD cut into same tall as much as u could


I made those two small quilts for a friends as a gifts.
Words methods that I use is Lynne's, Tonya's
and their friends



A friend  gave me those 8 table mats and asked me to change them into pillows so they matching her bedroom walls


Some of fabrics I used were her skirts, pants 
and Father's tie
Pure hearted this my lover , who is my soul, why i love her, cous she is precious."
Those R the meaning in case  U R intrested.


This song was specially created for my precious doughter since she was inside me ! Yes we mothers  have to talk to our babies from the very beginning as they grow in us.