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اعشق كل ما يمكن ان يصنع باليد وايضا لدي شغف كبير بالاقمشه وخاصة اعمال الترقيع بالاقمشه ثم تنجيدها لعمل اللحف والحقائب والكثيرغيرها مما يسمى باعمال الباتشوورك وبالانجليزيه patchwork and quilting


Hearts quilt and stars quilt

I started piecing shirts stripes  in different lengths and colors in one long tail .

Cut them into 54 inches as this is the width I need for the covers , re connecting them to make 86 inches long top.

It takes about 2 whole months to finish side by side .

First one is Heart Quilt I cut hearts , different sizes and shapes , attaching them with zig zag before adding the 2 other layers 

Free motion the quilt after adding nice light packing and batting

The second one is stars quilt 

I add a wonky stars blocks ( they were waiting for suitable home to adopt) between the lines and quilted with free motion stars all sizes and shapes

For the star blocks was any free motion  my hands goes

I loved working with this two quilts and i am very proud because I used my collection of used Hubby's shirts  this was a lesson from my favorite quilter

By the way pinks and reds I used for stars is not his . Lol

Brown printed with purple flowers is my Daughter blouse

If you like them I love to leave a comment 


My first mystery quilt

I can't wait to begin my first mystery quilt  with  
Grand Illusion

I chose the fabrics as she asked 

well I am not satisfied with the yellow,it's the constant fabric  so i have to visit the market soon

The rest of colors are ready to use.

Here are some 

If I do the yellow from scrapes then i have it , but the instruction says one yellow 
We have ONE constant fabric in this year’s quilt! You will need 1 5/8 Yards 


Jameela's Quilt

Jameela is a dear friend of main with 3 boys.
 She wished a girl , and because ALLAh is Great , she is pregnant again.
 I promised her to make a quilt . 

Months past and a twins came( I told you  ALLAh is Great). 
but me!!! i can't make two .

I prefer to do a lap quilt instead. 

Here is a corner

Here is the back 

All sizes of fabric stripes stitched to a paper foundation (Bonnie Hunter method http://quiltville.blogspot.ae/

Then free motion quilting . 

The final result 

Hope it reflects and brings happiness and relaxing to Mom and the twins.


Building a shirts quilt

I will keep showing my progress in my last project between my hands.

first you have to remember not to delay after rip rip the shirts or you will build a nest of threads frying from your stripes and you will face this fact 

But the best part is the easy to build the quilt 



Look what a mess in my sewing room today , yes, it's okay because there is a new quilt will born soon, I hope

Can you see the pile over the table ?

Another clue I am offering :

And another picture from another corner please 

You can guess what is the quilt pattern because you see in the picture some strings or stripes here and there.

Yes a quilt made of 23 shirts and more ( retired ones) keeping them through years , this would be cheaper than a new fabric! right ?    

I am so excited. 


Moon and Stars Mobile

From the book" kids Easy Quilting Projects" my Daughter chose to make a Mobile goes with the previous quilt to go with it.

She chose the fabric colors and began to cut.

 stitch the pieces together.

Start see some purple stars and I loved them

But what I loved the most is the final result 

See  you later.


 I made this quilt for very dear cousin of my daughter, she expecting her first baby in December 2014.

I asked her about her favorite colors , blue and purple was her answer .

As a girl I chose the second color and from three designs

My DD chose first blocks 

Here is Sue holding a yo yo flower took her place in the middle of the quilt .

And here is the last edition of the quilt

 By the way the pink dress of Sue is a piece of my DD skirt.
Sky is made of colored fabric of transparent chiffon. 

 And for the record I added some details .

I hope you like it as Mona and her family did. 



I will leave you with the pictures took from a the park we visited last weekend

Let me check what is this under our tree? mmmmm strangers?!

My mirror...... my mirror who in this park is prettier  than  me?

NO one but you 
Every body listen to me I am the prettiest



Cleaning tools

What I hate here the most during cleaning is the first wound ever happened when my tool still new

But I am still happy with my new toy so I put this bandage 

No not for long it removes every now and then . What makes you nerves

Later after some uses like 20 days not month NO 

It gives up and wants an early retired

I gave up , get rid of it

 I miss the old wood stick without joints .aren't you       


MATH 101

Here is the last project i did last week

Its not complicated for a 6 or 7 years old boy . His mother asked me to do it after the benefits he gets from the letters chart i made before .

I try dark light and dark backgrounds 

And lighter .....but No for me

 This i love it

I loved the dark back ground , i used machine stitches ti decorate and finish the border 

Back ground is folded to mack the frame.

Ok this is three button holes to fix it on the wall ....as easy as possible