Paint Box / Week four

Here is my blocks for this week, although I did not finish all 10 blocks, but I am not too far.  

I'll be going to the desert today, so I took an early shot for the ready 8 blocks of paint box in advance . 

"A" for Apple that I ate 3 of them beside other fruits and vegetables as d toxic plan day two. 

Let's see my friend Rawya did this week .


What a mess!!!   especially I am wearing dark blue trousers 

That's why many ladies you see on the net wear an apron to prevent all the mess . 

After squaring look at the mat 

So I brought a piece of tape and taped here and there and ta DA

Happy, clean ending ,very easy right ? 


To clean any carpet full of threads, hair or just to give it a fresh look use the same tape tip and it will turn to a new one.


Paint Box / week 3

Week three 

 My colors for paint box this week ranged between browns, beige , yellow and skin colors this week and I added some flowers here and there so I feel fresh and keep them happy block .


I hope Rawya will show hers today so lets check here 


Tips for cutting

Today I would  like to share with you the way I cut the stripes of Paint Box which I do with Rawya  in the easiest way as possible in my vision. 

since I cut every two blocks in the same time, same sizes , multicolored, it takes too much time,I admitted I was confused at   the beginning with my first four blocks .  

then I came up with an idea when I displayed paper stripes in order of the way the pattern had to be 

I cut the fabrics according to the color and size I want,  and I cover the paper of that stripe 

This way I finished and began to sew the first row around the middle square 

I found also if I make  no 7 and stripe no 8 bigger than the original size , will give me more space to square my block in the correct size 

So I cut no 7 to the long of 6" and to the width of 1 1/2"
and no 8 to the long of 7" and width of 1 1/2"


In the end a happy block with no extra fabric and exact size is ready to wait patiently to be a part of Paint box 



A Desert Trip

I would like to share with you our trip to the desert,  here in the Gulf ,

 For the first impression you wonder ,what in the desert can be lovely or wonderful to spend some time there in the weekend ? that what happens to me .

Well last year was my first visit there with the family , A group of cars followed each other because the beauty of the outing is to gather and blend with families you feel great being with , and this year we renewed the visit .

I guaranty you every single person young or old feels happy.

The older brothers enjoy in their way.

Food is more delicious when cooked over the logs, can you believe? 

Don't forget the dessert, Corn cones over the logs , sweet potato and much much more .

It's a long day with endless , breathless, beauty surrounding you !

 which opens the mind to play and enjoy

During the day very nice weather ( it's winter), soft wind , birds tuning, camels,tiny creatures,sand dunes,scattered plants and shrubs.

 At sun set it's cold all over again, colors changing and birds shouting even louder calling to go home .

Not yet !! fire is still on

You still want to hear the quietness very clearly, and see the stars filling  the sky which you miss in the city .

It's just a part of a long story

So, did I convince  you that if you ever got the chance to visit  a new area?

Don't hesitate 

Paint Box week 2

Here we are again , week two in Paint Box , but this time with Rawya

Ok 10 blocks a week 

And I found this block elegant enough to give it especial shot! why ???

See the chevron edges in the middle square flower matched the tiny ones in the solid  dark blue .

 I love the stripe with red flowers a lot, its a piece left over from a dress I sewed 10 years ago , and I have the same but with greens  and orange flowers .


Paint Box- 1

Okay today, Friday, is the finding of our progress in the  project we are doing both me and Rawya , so first 10 blocks are ready. 

I was free yesterday so I began to think  of other sewing projects, I think I will make a blouse. 

 So I fix the pattern over the fabrics and went to eat
grapes .lol!!

See you tomorrow telling you why I am writing this late, and where I spent the day.

Good night.


Paint Box

 First step 

I will make oh, Fransson with a friend as I mention before so I began 2 days ago with  paper to check if my solid fabrics enough .  

green is the length of stripes 
orange is the width of stripes 

And yes, all the 9 patches from solid and the same from printed fabrics for one 6 1/2 finished block

Then I cut my first solid round and  printed fabrics for the second round 

Okay here are the numbers over the fabrics showing  the order of fixing stripes clockwise.

P.S.  My solids are  thick enough I think I will add 1/4" for the width on number 7 and 8 in the picture (up) to balance the loss of width during overlapping  

First attempt in reds 

On Friday will show first 10 blocks 

Check here please and put your lovely comments  


Last version

Just today I finished my Grand illusion mystery quilt top , and 

I won't call it the reveal or the final like here simply because it 

did not quilted yet. 

I tried to follow Bonnie's colors as mush as I could, and  make 

it scrappy till my stash piles shrink .....But no way!!!

Any one could tell me ,Why?

I still need to buy some patting to quilt it .

By the way it's size is 75" * 59"

I took some pictures but find that they was not the best shots .

So I'll leave it tomorrow sun light.

I suppose to start a new quilt with a friend  Rawya

I looked for the first block's fabrics and I think  I am happy 

to begin with red .


Mystery quilt in progress

Here I show my Grand illusion quilt in progress , yesterday I added  the yellow border.

Today I started to add the inner border blocks which I found...... I got to make 14 more .


Maintenance Day

 Yesterday I was busy doing some maintenance  and It needs from time to time and as you see