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اعشق كل ما يمكن ان يصنع باليد وايضا لدي شغف كبير بالاقمشه



I will leave you with the pictures took from a the park we visited last weekend

Let me check what is this under our tree? mmmmm strangers?!

My mirror...... my mirror who in this park is prettier  than  me?

NO one but you 
Every body listen to me I am the prettiest



Cleaning tools

What I hate here the most during cleaning is the first wound ever happened when my tool still new

But I am still happy with my new toy so I put this bandage 

No not for long it removes every now and then . What makes you nerves

Later after some uses like 20 days not month NO 

It gives up and wants an early retired

I gave up , get rid of it

 I miss the old wood stick without joints .aren't you       


MATH 101

Here is the last project i did last week

Its not complicated for a 6 or 7 years old boy . His mother asked me to do it after the benefits he gets from the letters chart i made before .

I try dark light and dark backgrounds 

And lighter .....but No for me

 This i love it

I loved the dark back ground , i used machine stitches ti decorate and finish the border 

Back ground is folded to mack the frame.

Ok this is three button holes to fix it on the wall ....as easy as possible


Sue square quilt

I did this quilt as a gift to a granddaughter of a friend of mine .
It's simply 4 patch squares and 4 cute sue squares.
From my stash I found the back fabric. I turned about 1.5 inches to the front as asecond border.

Some details to share


The corner with some decoration




Summer project

Summer was long , busy but not too much creative. I made this small wallhanging from the book
"fabled flowers"for Kumiko Sudo
I chose and cut the pieces of fabrics ( according to the pattern), yes the book includes the right size  pieces.
flowers are 3 D made of two fabrics.
Stems and leaves fixed to the paper and I left it inside then I appliqud to the 17" square background.
The original picture is here



Three dimenshion flower

I like to show you this bag which I finised today
I used my husband's trousers.
I saw the way of doing  the 3D flower in some forums  , so I dont know a name of a  book or a  person who first did it .
I leave you with pictures

I tryed to add a picture of the back put no way




This site is not forgettable I love it , beginners, and advanced sewers would find useful hints
click here :
and by the mouse pointer mob the screen and see what u like  especially sewing techniques.

Here is the main page i want

Good luck



I did a quilt to my cousin. It takes about 7 month to finish .
Here are some pictures

Freemotions for the borders blocks
By the way i could not put a title for this post .Seems technically problem





" Koba" for the first time

My daughter  tried  doing Koba with me  ( it's kind of wheat which smashed with meat and making it the oval shapes, stuffed with meat and onion,  then fry with vegetable oil) 

 This was her first  attempt



I finished this long  table runner

I used  fabric foundation which is the vasline that  I iron on clothes for sewing cuffs and yokes.
I began attatching 2 " stripes of  emproidered ,100 % polyester  from the middle , sew and flap and iron to the  both sides.
I made the back from printed viscose I  bought about 15 years ago to make a skirt .
I think its time to use. LOL
I flap the back to the front to make the binding.
So easy. So nice to make