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اعشق كل ما يمكن ان يصنع باليد وايضا لدي شغف كبير بالاقمشه وخاصة اعمال الترقيع بالاقمشه ثم تنجيدها لعمل اللحف والحقائب والكثيرغيرها مما يسمى باعمال الباتشوورك وبالانجليزيه patchwork and quilting


Paint Box

 First step 

I will make oh, Fransson with a friend as I mention before so I began 2 days ago with  paper to check if my solid fabrics enough .  

green is the length of stripes 
orange is the width of stripes 

And yes, all the 9 patches from solid and the same from printed fabrics for one 6 1/2 finished block

Then I cut my first solid round and  printed fabrics for the second round 

Okay here the numbers over the fabrics showing  the order of fixing stripes clockwise.

P.S.  My solids are  thick enough I think I will add 1-2 millimeters to balance the loss of width during overlapping  

First attempt in reds 

On Friday will show first 10 blocks 

Check here please and put your lovely comments  


Last version

Just today I finished my Grand illusion mystery quilt top , and 

I won't call it the reveal or the final like here simply because it 

did not quilted yet. 

I tried to follow Bonnie's colors as mush as I could, and  make 

it scrappy till my stash piles shrink .....But no way!!!

Any one could tell me ,Why?

I still need to buy some patting to quilt it .

By the way it's size is 75" * 59"

I took some pictures but find that they was not the best shots .

So I'll leave it tomorrow sun light.

I suppose to start a new quilt with a friend  Rawya

I looked for the first block's fabrics and I think  I am happy 

to begin with red .


Mystery quilt in progress

Here I show my Grand illusion quilt in progress , yesterday I added  the yellow border.

Today I started to add the inner border blocks which I found...... I got to make 14 more .


Maintenance Day

 Yesterday I was busy doing some maintenance  and It needs from time to time and as you see  



I would like  to share  quilting , ideas and experience  with a friend , So when I found this site

of Rawya I knew some of my dreams came true .

And what better than starting with Bonnie the Mystery quilt  Grand illusion

Unfortunately Rawya was busy in other objects but she proposed to make a new quilt starting on 

January and she found this oh_fransson/paintbox because she knew I love Log cabins 

first plan says it takes about 13 weeks to make 80 blocks!!!

Well , I am not sure how big main will be, but I want to make a scrappy quilt using what ever fabrics

 I do already

So we will start on 23 of Jan , by the way I did not finish My mystery, today I added the small yellow border  and began to fix the blocks to make the outer border .

 original painting by artist Elizabeth Fraser 



Since I don't have enough black and white fabric to go to Grand Illusion Mystery I found some ways 

I would love to share it with you here.

I used looms to make some ties over plain  black fabric , then I dipped

 it in bleach and it looks like this

The fabric covered with looms never changed and remained black 

After removing the looms and rinsing it in water it looked like

Flowers and sun

Another way is when I drew instantly on the fabric using brushes in different sizes 

What I realized the bleach left the blacks with ( reddish ) spots but not white instead of  pure white .

Jellyfish  was  very obvious 

Hearts and circles 

But some fabric was too soft to stand the  bleach. LOL

Any way it was fun to finish clue No 4  Grand Illusion Mystery

Here are some of my blocks 




Today morning I did some greens and natural blocks for the lovely clue no 3

 HERE   with  

I love the many lessons I learned from every clue when reading carefully, and go where did   

  send me: like here

Today was the chain blocks hung there at the sewing machine , ironed then the snip snip for 

clue no 3 of 

Grand Illusion, Part 3

In the afternoon we celebrated my DH's birthday and found that my blocks were lovely enough to be a master piece for  decorating the table around Goodies .


The sign's idea was my DD's


Mystery quilt Clue No 2

Here we are on Monday already , I spent all the day cutting and cutting rectangles and squares for

 clue No 2 of grand illusion 


I think naturals is the easiest to find in my stash 

I am poor in blacks 

OK I start joining  some blocks and the third method is what I follow. 

 And here are my first fruits for today

Now Ready for Monday link up 


By the way here is how I made my HST's since I have no  Easy Angle Ruler.


How I do Half Square Triangles

I would  show you my method (which is not mine of course). I am still learning you know

Its Rhonda's  and you can find it here with full details


 I am fixing two stripes of fabric, sewing them at one long side 

After ironing to one side

   I use 2.5 " square template to make a half square triangles in an Easy way

By the way Templates also from Rhonda check here 


you can see  HST's ready to use 

I can make more by turning and sewing the other two sides .


Mystery quilt with Bonnie

This is my first time and I wish not the last to do a mystery quilt because I feel too much enthusiastic already 

I am waiting for this opportunity long time ago and here was the announcement


Three days a go it began


well still I did not much complete blocks !! but wait . Lol  I will 

Here is my first three from yesterday .

 Today I spend quilting time in cutting and fixing .

As you can see my method in cutting half squares is different because i did not find the Easy Angle ruler That Bonnie recommended.

Later I will show it to you.

Thanks for your comments