vine fruits

I would like to introduce my ready Vine Tree I did from the book  

I shared this idea with three  ladies one of them is Rawya 

Starting from the back . I like to reconnect pieces at the back as well as adding my special touches 

I used the back to be my binding in the last phase

My sister is one of the ladies joining us in this  project and here I proudly show you her version with different endings . 


Flowers, Grapes and pomegranate

This is about my table runner's name (vine fruits)I found the patterns and instructions in this great book

last weeks I added the flowers , Grapes and blueberries using my new  rods done by Rosa, they are great tools which makes an easier life of yours doing the applique.

picture from google showing the rods

Then I added the pomegranate , first  the middle section which contains the pomegranate pieces to the yellow piece 
then to the big red part which is the peel, and now one piece i added to the background 

As the picture showed I cut the middle of the Vaseline tissues  and kept it as a ring inside to avoid extra stiff parts.  

 Here are Grapes upside down. 

And today the border is ready , triangles fixed to  a paper foundation 

 When added to the runner . Tadahhh

Add 4 more squares to the corners.

Now I have to add the patting , backing to be nearer to the final stage . 


VINE FRUITS stem and leaves

Today I am going to show you my progress in the Vine Fruits table runner from the book 

For stem I chose from the beginning  to fix it with this stitch called Buttonhole .
 For the  leaves I was planning to turn the seams under , but by mistakes I ironed the fusible web over all the green fabric!! so I have to change my plan 

I cut over the out lines of the leaves , ironed, and with machine zig zag stitches I added  them to the background 

I chose the smallest zig zag and the number one as for the stitches size

Here is the stem with leaves comes alive 

that was for last week 

and here is the stage I am in "Flowers"

 This time i turn the seems under and fix them with small hidden stitches.



A new project is going to start with other couple of friends Rawya that I already did a very nice paint box quilt with her last year

with Asma , a new friend full with energy and very helpful , we also welcome other participators as well.

NOW, let me tell you about our new project It's a combination of quilting and Applique table runner took from this book

 and its called Vine Fruit .

When you see the pattern you will guess that  Deborah Kemball chose to put all her favorite fruits in one pattern.

I chose most of my fabrics  from my stash , even though Rawya sent me this great site which can help with choosing colors that go along with the backgrounds and each other.

Okay that's all for today, 

I never made a whole applique project, but I feel such an enthusiasm to try something new, and different Techniques . 

Well, as the plan, we started on 17 of January and we have a week to collect our fabrics , some friends are very new to such art .

I chose mine here and started to learn and read about many tips of appliques.

Assma from "Vine Fruit Group" gave me already a roll of Wonder- Under to work with ....so thank you . and I think I will use more than one method in this project to add 3 dimensions to some parts of the runner. 


picture from the net



More greens

More greens from nature from Europe  in pictures

Another pictures from Sharjah


Something green

Oh , how I wish if days reversed back !!!

I would bring more flowers of these.

Yes from Crown Plaza Hotel in Geneva, a lady who was in charge to change small table vases was collecting those wonderful alive, green flowers into some other kinds.

I found enough courage and asked her to keep which was on the table in front of me.....yes i should have asked for the rest which where displayed.

Here it is,I kept it in the water in my room in a disposable water bottle, and when traveling from town to town and from country to other I would empty the water and storage it head in .


Do you agree that this is a wonderful plant or flower?(can't really tell)
I kept it and I still have it.


My journey to Europe

I was lucky enough to spent a wonderful  2 weeks this summer visiting some beautiful countries in Europe .  
I'd like to show some pictures expressing some great views 

From Chamonix - France

Ice does amazing sculptures

Clouds and ice with green mountains in the middle 

Back to the reality
down ..... back home 

Down i also saw some nice ideas which will stick in my vision like here, in one clothing shop,they 

Recycle in a very good way using old water pipes 

And this one was at a pizza restaurant


Is that a forgettable chair ?


Weekend project ( cutlery holder )

A dear friend reminded me that I made a holder for her cutlery  but she took it to her home away, and today she misses it very much 

Well I found it a good project to do in the weekend 

I started with used handkerchief as a background and the top fabric. 

I thought this  burgundy wine color with white swirls and light purple flowers will be nice.
I fixed it over the the handkerchief making folds as much as it can hold.

I divided it every 3 inches more or less

 To use the whole background I added another fabric and I added some details  

For hanging over the wall I open 5 buttonholes

I tried it to show how much it can be useful, and to show what can u do  in small places that can accommodate many things