Moon and Stars Mobile

From the book" kids Easy Quilting Projects" my Daughter chose to make a Mobile goes with the previous quilt to go with it.

She chose the fabric colors and began to cut.

 stitch the pieces together.

Start see some purple stars and I loved them

But what I loved the most is the final result 

See  you later.


 I made this quilt for very dear cousin of my daughter, she expecting her first baby in December 2014.

I asked her about her favorite colors , blue and purple was her answer .

As a girl I chose the second color and from three designs

My DD chose first blocks 

Here is Sue holding a yo yo flower took her place in the middle of the quilt .

And here is the last edition of the quilt

 By the way the pink dress of Sue is a piece of my DD skirt.
Sky is made of colored fabric of transparent chiffon. 

 And for the record I added some details .

I hope you like it as Mona and her family did.