Paint box

Week Eight

My blocks were ready many days before now cause I found good time since my computer was under maintenance and I was away from diving through the net. 

So I began to think about adding the sashing in between blocks of my paint box .

I would add whites with prints and not plain color ( I love colors ).

 And I add to the left columns of some blocks .
 by the way I cut them  2.5"
 What about horizontal sashing. Do I make it one print or  scrappy as well? lets see 

No I need more scrapes and some corner stones which I chose light green with polka dots for them .

Ok me and Rawya are working at the same project so follow her here and add your comments please.



Visualizing contrast

When I mention " Tomorrow I will start to fix sashing in between" in the previous post I was totally wrong. 
Still I have to collect the background fabric, measure, cut and then add to the block . It's long way than tomorrow .

I spent the whole morning check the colors value whether dark, medium or light which is what the book call it  visualizing contrast .

One way is to look through red cellophane or use a reducing tool like door peephole .
Or making black and white photocopy which I did 

This is the last version of dark, medium and lights blocks of my paint box   


Paint box / Week Five

For two weeks I haven't uploaded any pictures of my Paint Box blocks , well here I am back with the news of finishing all the 80 blocks .

Yes Rawya did it a few days before me and started a farther  step. 

Here are the last 8 blocks finished today.

Tomorrow I will start to fix sashing in between