Sue square quilt

I did this quilt as a gift to a granddaughter of a friend of mine .
It's simply 4 patch squares and 4 cute sue squares.
From my stash I found the back fabric. I turned about 1.5 inches to the front as asecond border.

Some details to share

The corner with some decoration



Summer project

Summer was long , busy but not too much creative. I made this small wallhanging from the book
"fabled flowers"for Kumiko Sudo
I chose and cut the pieces of fabrics ( according to the pattern), yes the book includes the right size  pieces.
flowers are 3 D made of two fabrics.
Stems and leaves fixed to the paper and I left it inside then I appliqud to the 17" square background.
The original picture is here



Three dimenshion flower

I like to show you this bag which I finised today
I used my husband's trousers.
I saw the way of doing  the 3D flower in some forums  , so I dont know a name of a  book or a  person who first did it .
I leave you with pictures

I tryed to add a picture of the back put no way




This site is not forgettable I love it , beginners, and advanced sewers would find useful hints
click here :
and by the mouse pointer mob the screen and see what u like  especially sewing techniques.

Here is the main page i want

Good luck



I did a quilt to my cousin. It takes about 7 month to finish .
Here are some pictures

Freemotions for the borders blocks
By the way i could not put a title for this post .Seems technically problem





" Koba" for the first time

My daughter  tried  doing Koba with me  ( it's kind of wheat which smashed with meat and making it the oval shapes, stuffed with meat and onion,  then fry with vegetable oil) 

 This was her first  attempt