Paint Box week 2

Here we are again , week two in Paint Box , but this time with Rawya

Ok 10 blocks a week 

And I found this block elegant enough to give it especial shot! why ???

See the chevron edges in the middle square flower matched the tiny ones in the solid  dark blue .

 I love the stripe with red flowers a lot, its a piece left over from a dress I sewed 10 years ago , and I have the same but with greens  and orange flowers .


  1. Anonymous2/07/2015

    Amazing work

  2. جميل ! عجبتني خياطتك للألوان الفاتحة مع بعض و الداكنة مع بعض. بكذا زدتي تنوع وحداتك.

    حتى الجمعة القادمة :)


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