Paint box / Week four

Here is my blocks for this week, although I did not finish all 10 blocks, but I am not too far.  

I'll be going to the desert today, so I took an early shot for the ready 8 blocks of paint box in advance . 

"A" for Apple that I ate 3 of them beside other fruits and vegetables as d toxic plan day two. 

Let's see my friend Rawya did this week .


What a mess!!!   especially I am wearing dark blue trousers 

That's why many ladies you see on the net wear an apron to prevent all the mess . 

After squaring look at the mat 

So I brought a piece of tape and taped here and there and ta DA

Happy, clean ending ,very easy right ? 


To clean any carpet full of threads, hair or just to give it a fresh look use the same tape tip and it will turn to a new one.


  1. نصيحتك بالنسبه لازالة اثار الخياطه رائعه.

  2. السلام عليكم سوسن
    إنتهيت من كتابة تدوينتي للتو و إتيت لأسلم عليك و أرى وحداتك :)

    فكرة تنظيف الخيوط بالشريط اللاصق ذكية و سهلة. سأطبقها بالتأكيد في غرفة الخياطة و على لحفي.


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