Paint box finish

Finally, I finished my Paint box , actually the picture of the original block is not there anymore after the update.  

 I did this project with Rawya who finished her quilt on time, and you can see her  beautiful quilt here .

Ok, I was late about month or so  for some reasons, everybody has reasons so you don't need to know about it.

Then time came to find that the measure of the quilt is not enough for my bed , so I add 20 blocks more , and I add white sashing with cornerstones 2.5 " each .

Next problem is the quilting procedure  itself is not easy to me with large quilt, and I need it to cover king size bed .
So I found this tute regarding a technique  called quilt as you go . I divided my quilt into five sections ( maybe two was enough).

I used the" bondaweb" here to glue the three layers together, I added small pieces here and there especially at the edges and used iron to fix it in place, and it was great idea. 

 I added  the patting , bondaweb and then ironing . I added a lot of safety pins, too.

I quilted each section with one inch away from the edges where I should section.

When all section are quilted free motion as you see,

I gathered the faces together without catching the patting or the backing .

I cut all the axes patting just to join each other not overlapping, and run over them with  ladder stitches by hand.

Then, I cut the backing, so one side will overlap the next one and bigger about one inch, then I closed all the wounds 

finally I added my name, starting, ending dates and the name of the quilt on an extra block.

 No No not finished yet

I added another border, YES after all this quilting, I am crazy making large enough to cover the sides of the bed .

my quilt measures 99" * 83"


My neighbour loved the back too much !!!!