I would like  to share  quilting , ideas and experience  with a friend , So when I found this site

of Rawya I knew some of my dreams came true .

And what better than starting with Bonnie the Mystery quilt  Grand illusion

Unfortunately Rawya was busy in other objects but she proposed to make a new quilt starting on 

January and she found this oh_fransson/paintbox because she knew I love Log cabins 

first plan says it takes about 13 weeks to make 80 blocks!!!

Well , I am not sure how big main will be, but I want to make a scrappy quilt using what ever fabrics

 I do already

So we will start on 23 of Jan , by the way I did not finish My mystery, today I added the small yellow border  and began to fix the blocks to make the outer border .

 original painting by artist Elizabeth Fraser 

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