A new project is going to start with other couple of friends Rawya that I already did a very nice paint box quilt with her last year

with Asma , a new friend full with energy and very helpful , we also welcome other participators as well.

NOW, let me tell you about our new project It's a combination of quilting and Applique table runner took from this book

 and its called Vine Fruit .

When you see the pattern you will guess that  Deborah Kemball chose to put all her favorite fruits in one pattern.

I chose most of my fabrics  from my stash , even though Rawya sent me this great site which can help with choosing colors that go along with the backgrounds and each other.

Okay that's all for today, 

I never made a whole applique project, but I feel such an enthusiasm to try something new, and different Techniques . 

Well, as the plan, we started on 17 of January and we have a week to collect our fabrics , some friends are very new to such art .

I chose mine here and started to learn and read about many tips of appliques.

Assma from "Vine Fruit Group" gave me already a roll of Wonder- Under to work with ....so thank you . and I think I will use more than one method in this project to add 3 dimensions to some parts of the runner. 


picture from the net


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