Hearts quilt and stars quilt

I started piecing shirts stripes  in different lengths and colors in one long tail .

Cut them into 54 inches as this is the width I need for the covers , re connecting them to make 86 inches long top.

It takes about 2 whole months to finish side by side .

First one is Heart Quilt I cut hearts , different sizes and shapes , attaching them with zig zag before adding the 2 other layers 

Free motion the quilt after adding nice light packing and batting

The second one is stars quilt 

I add a wonky stars blocks ( they were waiting for suitable home to adopt) between the lines and quilted with free motion stars all sizes and shapes

For the star blocks was any free motion  my hands goes

I loved working with this two quilts and i am very proud because I used my collection of used Hubby's shirts  this was a lesson from my favorite quilter

By the way pinks and reds I used for stars is not his . Lol

Brown printed with purple flowers is my Daughter blouse

If you like them I love to leave a comment 


  1. I like both of the quilts! This is a great way to use shirts!!

  2. Love the quilts, and I too love using 2nd hand shirt. I don't have a hubby so I have to buy my own but that's fine with me.


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