Nice pray

It is a great pray,"dua" as we call it in Arabic 
I asked a dear friend Samar to translate for me because it is a great words, so It says:

O Allah I seek refuge in you from demise of your blessing, and from the suddenness of your indignation, and from your turning of our well being, and from your malcontent (exasperation)

 The whole project came to my mind when a dear friend gave me  scraps and chunk of chiffon and silk fabrics which were of course  too light and delicate to deal with and needed special care.

After a lot of hesitate I realize that colors show only when the background is black even if the colors are yellow , blue or even pink .
 I fixed a black fusible interfacing , so the real colors would show and the fabric became getting a  stiffer body and  got easier to work with .

I did some researches over the net and chose the Kufi font (one of Arabic fonts)
 the colors vary between browns, dark pinks, blues and green

 The back ground chosen after asking an expert eye my DD

What you see in the previous picture is the letters ironed over an invisible interfacing with adhesive both sides.

I fixed the words with a blanket stitch by machine . 

Later I found it deserved to be prettier, So I beaded as much as I had suitable colors.  

and here some of the words.

Thank you for your basing and sweet comments .  

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