A Desert Trip

I would like to share with you our trip to the desert,  here in the Gulf ,

 For the first impression you wonder ,what in the desert can be lovely or wonderful to spend some time there in the weekend ? that what happens to me .

Well last year was my first visit there with the family , A group of cars followed each other because the beauty of the outing is to gather and blend with families you feel great being with , and this year we renewed the visit .

I guaranty you every single person young or old feels happy.

The older brothers enjoy in their way.

Food is more delicious when cooked over the logs, can you believe? 

Don't forget the dessert, Corn cones over the logs , sweet potato and much much more .

It's a long day with endless , breathless, beauty surrounding you !

 which opens the mind to play and enjoy

During the day very nice weather ( it's winter), soft wind , birds tuning, camels,tiny creatures,sand dunes,scattered plants and shrubs.

 At sun set it's cold all over again, colors changing and birds shouting even louder calling to go home .

Not yet !! fire is still on

You still want to hear the quietness very clearly, and see the stars filling  the sky which you miss in the city .

It's just a part of a long story

So, did I convince  you that if you ever got the chance to visit  a new area?

Don't hesitate 

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