Tips for cutting

Today I would  like to share with you the way I cut the stripes of Paint Box which I do with Rawya  in the easiest way as possible in my vision. 

since I cut every two blocks in the same time, same sizes , multicolored, it takes too much time,I admitted I was confused at   the beginning with my first four blocks .  

then I came up with an idea when I displayed paper stripes in order of the way the pattern had to be 

I cut the fabrics according to the color and size I want,  and I cover the paper of that stripe 

This way I finished and began to sew the first row around the middle square 

I found also if I make  no 7 and stripe no 8 bigger than the original size , will give me more space to square my block in the correct size 

So I cut no 7 to the long of 6" and to the width of 1 1/2"
and no 8 to the long of 7" and width of 1 1/2"


In the end a happy block with no extra fabric and exact size is ready to wait patiently to be a part of Paint box 


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